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Need a new presentation, product animation, or maybe a website?


I’m Lars Thorstensen – an experienced senior graphic designer, art director and 3D artist. For more than 20 years, I have collaborated with many different people – at both agencies and the clients they serve. And I’ve worked within everything from large to far-too-small budgets in many different contexts.



I am classically trained in graphic design from the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark.

It has been the basis for my work as art director, first at the Berlingskes Bureau and later at the advertising agency Advance, where I was employed for ten years.

I’ve performed all kinds of  printed task,s such as visual identity (CVI), brochures, packaging design and outdoor etc.


I have created a number of websites in WordPress and have experience with html/css code.


I have extensive campaign experience both in B2C, B2B, political and attitude campaigns.


I am also a skilled illustrator, creating drawings by hand and as digital illustrations at a very high level.


Over the years, I have been involved in all types of commercials, video, SoMe, presentations, displays and spots.

A considerable part of my tasks as an independent has been to produce 3D animations of products as well as animated presentations for various large Danish and international companies.


If you want to know more about my work, or how I can help you, please call or send me an e-mail.

Lars is the consummate craftsman, delivering highly polished 3D illustration and film executions. Beyond his obvious talent, what one comes to appreciate most about him, is his tireless attention in making sure to deliver uncompromising perfectionism throughout a project; from brief and to final delivery… a quality that I have come to especially value during very long and demanding processes.

It needs to be mentioned that when working with him, you will find that he is often the first to identify potential problems before they happen, making him an indispensable part to realising highly efficient and cost effective results. He is always flexible, reliable and calm with an almost Zen-like ability to handle high stress situations. Finally, I have never been dissatisfied with anything he has ever delivered to us as he always overdelivers. I can only recommend him highly.

Gavin Mulligan

Partner, Advance

I’ve worked with Lars many times over the years – and it has beena pleasure every time. It’s fascinating how many aesthetic,graphical, musical and craftsmanship skills he possesses. And if you haven’t seen what he can do with super-detailed, lifelike 3Dgraphics, you haven’t lived!

Jonathan Winch

B2B storyteller and account-based
marketing (ABM) expert at cylindr

At the end of 2019, I helped to create and illustrate “The Big Book of Swearing” (“Den Store Bandebog”), publishing it together with a long-time copywriter partner, Nanna Kalinka Bjerke, at Gads Forlag.

A personal interest project, it took six months to complete and is currently in its 2nd edition.

Read danish reviews here.

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